I Hear A Whisper In The Breeze

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I Hear A Whisper In The Breeze

I hear a whisper in the breeze is a poem about an encounter in the woods where a relationship results but turns out to be short-lived. This poem best fits the categories of fantasy poetry and sad poetry. An arrow accidentally brings the beautiful forest nymph into my life. I was not aiming at her and felt remorse when I saw the damage done.

Her wounds eventually healed and left no permanent damage. The scars were significantly smaller than those left on my heart.

I suspect she was actually a different creature that was transformed into human form to teach me an important lesson but am not certain about anything.
Suddenly vanishing to the forest after becoming so close to me seems like a cruel way to get a point across.

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I Hear A Whisper In The Breeze – Poem

I hear a whisper in the breeze
and think someone is calling me
Fireflies glimmer round the trees
but there is no one that I see

I hear you but I see you not
then sling my arrow in the air
and then appears the one I sought
In front I see you standing there

My arrow hit and brought you here
so now it seems you cannot fly
You sadly tremble here in fear
I see your pain and hear you cry

I ask you then to come with me
You say that there can be no way
exclaiming it can never be
You tell me that you cannot stay

I look at you and fall in love
and to my forest home we ride
as softly rain falls from above
warm shelter we then find inside

Long days go by and so you heal
You walk out through the open door
I wonder still if this was real
Your lovely face I see no more

It was perhaps something I said
or maybe things that I have done
Those things resound within my head
I really thought she was the one


The beautiful maiden returned to the forest and was never seen again but her voice could be heard when drawing water from the deep well. The one that loved her so much still wonders what went wrong and has never pursued another relationship.

I Hear A Whisper In The Breeze

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