Lust For Life Vampire Love

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Lust For Life Vampire Love And Sequel

What You Did Cannot Be Undone is the sequel to the story which was published in the second book entitled Illusory Realm Of Poetry. The first part of the story was told in the poem Lust For Life Vampire Love which was published in the Illusory Realm Of Poetry.

Lust For Life Vampire Love – Poem (Part 1)

At dusk I heard a meadowlark
then saw you lurking in the dark.
I turned to dash and tried to flee
and failed to utter one last plea.

With piercing eyes you mesmerized
transfixed I lay there hypnotized
enraptured by the spell you cast
flashed images of life that passed.

You tasted blood and I outgrew
my need to live the life I knew.
As I lay limp my life force waned
while faint my heart the blood soon drained.

Confined to darkness of the night
I wander without feeling light.
You claim your thirst did justify
your lust for life was reason why

You took my life to be as one
then vanished like the setting sun.
I have no life and feel no pain
without a heart to love again.


Lust For Life Vampire Love

What You Did Cannot Be Undone – Poem (Part 2)

Alone I am now cursed to roam
What you did cannot be undone
I can not hope to have a home
or gaze upon the rising sun

You rashly chose to trade your life
for death not immortality
Still now I see your blood lust rife
as when you took the life from me

You say you cannot ever die
but fail to see you do not live
Your life through death is but a lie
That blinds you to the truth I give

Life is too short to care so much
for one that only hunts to kill
And though my heart you cannot touch
The memories may linger still

You thought that I should be as you
but I will not your folly make
to live your lie and think it true
so through my heart I drive a stake


Final Thoughts

Forced to roam in darkness after the initial transformation, the victim refused to follow the path set before him by his killer. His permanently radical measure ensured that he would not ever fall to temptation during a moment of weakness. The blood lust and imminent thirst would have most likely been impossible to control leaving only one possible alternative.

A third poem will follow making this story a trilogy.

It was beyond the scope of this poem to describe an altercation that occurred between the hunter and the victim shortly before the last stanza was written.

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