Rednaxela The Dragon

Rednaxela The Dragon – parts 1 and 2

Rednaxela The Dragon and Rednaxela poems are included here.  The post entitled Rednaxela tried not to feel is published elsewhere.

The Federal and local police forces in Canada are not at liberty to divulge details about the famous regal dragon. All records pertaining to the dragon have been recently sealed and locked away by the secret organization responsible for overseeing the government.

Rednaxela case records were sealed about nine years ago when the oversight committee deemed that national security was threatened by intergalactic forces.

Witnesses that filed reports of sightings have also mysteriously vanished fuelling many conspiracy theories.

It is possible that the infamous dragon is a shapeshifter but I will not elaborate on this or provide my source of information.

The last stanza of the poem suggests that Rednaxela perished but I know that to be false.

I can assure you that he is alive and well. It is not wise to publicly announce his actual location but I will report that it is somewhere in the south of Sweden.

The following poem tells a story about one of the battles waged between Rednaxela and Emperor DaarVaxx.

Rednaxela The Dragon – Poem

Near Chinatown
the king forsakes
his golden crown
but sword he takes.

In mid-twilight
the dragon wakes
eager to fight
and battle makes.

The dragon roars
as flames creep higher.
Dense cold rain pours
quenching the fire.

With flaming eyes
and razor teeth
he brings demise
to those beneath.

Dark leather wings
sharp talons slash
as lightning brings
a brilliant flash.

A soldier swings
his gleaming blade
and stone he slings
most unafraid.

The brazen king
then does appear.
No sword to swing
He hurls a spear.

He lacerates
the armored skin
and devastates
the life within.

The dragon fails
to rise again.
The king inhales
then laughs in pain.


The poem incorrectly describes one of the combatants as being a king. The second opponent battling Rednaxela was actually the emperor of Daarvek. The planet Daarvek has no country or territorial borders of any kind.

Twelve classes of ascended beings are responsible for the maintenance and survival of the entire planet. Each class is of equal importance and is an expert in one unique area. The entire planet is ruled by the supreme emperor DaarVaxx.

You may have already heard about Zarr the sad android who hails from that same Illusory Realm planet which is twelve parsecs away from Earth.

Emperor DarrVaxx doesn’t customarily take part in the actual battle of any kind but did not have any warriors that were capable of defeating Rednaxela.


Rednaxela The Dragon

Rednaxela Again Did Rise – Poem

The dragon raised his regal head
as flames erupted from below.
Rednaxela had died they said
but I knew that it was not so.

Rednaxela again did rise
to overcome his evil foes.
The fame he knew was built on lies
not what the poet did compose.

The stories told of his demise
were far from what the truth did hold.
He did not die so realize
that those were merely lies they told.

Rednaxela had lived to fight
consuming evil in his path.
He battled darkness of the night
that merely served to fuel his wrath.

Rednaxela did never lose.
Victorious he conquered all
But in the end he then did choose
to love the one that caused his fall.

Rednaxela could not believe
that his true love would go away.
The dragon thought she would not leave
and thought true love would make her stay.

The dragon lost his lust for life
feeling the knife stab deep his heart.
The love he had for his sweet wife
was lost when it fell all apart.


Final Thoughts

Rednaxela was first heard from in post-Rednaxela The Dragon. I feel quite certain that we may hear from Rednaxela again. Another poem about the famous dragon Rednaxela would make the tale a trilogy.

This is the third poem about Rednaxela The Dragon completing the story and making a trilogy.

Rednaxela surfaced once again in southern Sweden a decade after the previous sighting which occurred in 2005. The only battle that raged this time was within his heart.

This new and most current poem may likely be the last we hear from the famous dragon known as Rednaxela.

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