The Rose You Gave Was Not For Me

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The Rose You Gave Was Not For Me

The Rose You Gave Was Not For Me is a fictional sad fantasy poem that describes an event surrounding the gift of a rose.
The act of giving a rose to another can appear innocent but have hidden and deep ulterior motives

It is probably better to not offer a rose knowing the receiver will detect insincerity if your heart is untrue.

Never fear to offer a rose if it is out of love. Pure motives will cover the giver even in the case of rejection.

The Rose You Gave Was Not For Me – Poem

The rose you gave was not for me
I knew this love could not be real
You did not give it lovingly
It had not warmth I once did feel

The rose you gave me was for you
cut down to die and grow no more
it did reveal love was not true
I knew who it was really for

The love you gave was not for me
I felt it fade and vanish fast
The rose has died no more to be
Unlike true love it could not last

The love you gave was meant for you
your lust for life did fail to see
it choked the rose as lust can do
and killed love that you had for me

The rose you gave refused to live
much like the love that could not grow
You could not ever hope to give
The type of love you could not know

My love had died quite like the rose
and may not ever be again
Your lust for life may offer those
A glimpse of love but give them pain


Final Thoughts

I never gave many roses during my first marriage. The true reason was not that I hated to see the roses cut down just to give for a short while. My third wife saw many roses from me and has saved all of them. Some of them are still hanging upside and drying.

Roses grow in our front yard here in Sweden every year because I believe that roses should continue to live as long as possible.

The Rose You Gave Was Not For Me

The Rose You Gave Was Not For Me image was a snapshot of a 3d animated rose created for my third wife.

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