The Sky Was Blue As I Did Ride

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The Sky Was Blue As I Did Ride

I was speeding down the bicycle trail unusually fast to meet my sweetheart.

It was a blustery day with gusting winds. The winds picked up sporadically without any warning during the afternoon. I don’t mind extreme changes in temperatures but generally, dislike wind that interferes with my breathing. My hat blew off my head as I raced down the asphalt path. Preferring to have my head covered in public, I instinctively slammed on both the front and rear brakes at the same time. I generally react logically when riding my bike but the hat flying off disrupted my usual thinking.

I flew over the handlebars and hit the ground with a sudden impact since the motion was mostly vertical. There was no opportunity to roll since the ground was directly below me as the gravity pulled me down. I was I could not move for a few minutes due to pain and could only moan.

A bystander approached asking if he should call an ambulance. I replied saying no and slowly stood up.

Happy to discover that my iPhone was undamaged I jotted down a few lines that would eventually become the poem – The Sky Was Blue As I Did Ride and then called my wife.

My sweetie asked me to go back home after describing the situation and so I then slowly walked my bike home limping slightly.

The Sky Was Blue As I Did Ride – Poem

The sky was blue as I did ride
to meet you there my special love.
Fast down the trail my bike did glide.
A strong wind blew my hat above

And as it fell I quickly knew
the bike must stop then hit the brakes.
Over the wheel my body flew
and now my knee and elbow aches.

I could not move because of pain.
Choice words were used as I did moan
then slowly stood back up again.
I checked my bike and used my phone

to tell you how I did get hurt
explaining why I would be late.
Describing how I hit the dirt
my Facebook then I did update.

Go back you said with much concern
and added you would see me there.
I got back on and did return.
Rode my bike home as pain did flare

OxyContin I took for pain
and fired up my MacBook Pro.
With details vivid once again
I wrote what I did undergo.


Final Thoughts

The pain in my right elbow and knee was unbearable when I got home. I took some strong pain medication that was prescribed for my chronic rheumatoid arthritis and wrote the poem only minutes after. It was necessary to double up on my usual medication for about three days after the accident.

I have been extra careful when applying pressure to the front brakes after that incident.

What inspires poetry? I suppose it can be almost anything. I never thought a bicycle accident would prompt me to write The Sky Was Blue As I Did Ride.

The Sky Was Blue As I Did Ride


The Sky Was Blue As I Did Ride animation was an enchanted animated heart that was converted to a static image for this post.

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