Zarr The Sad Android Complete Trilogy

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Zarr The Sad Android Complete Trilogy

Zarr The Sad Android, He Is Light Years Away and Zarr The Sad Android Returns To Earth are the three poems completing the trilogy about the sad android.

He Is Light Years Away – poem

He is light years away from his planet afar.
Sadly missing his home he looks up at a star.
His cold silicon heart contains carbon and steel
which was lifeless before and not programmed to feel.

Zarr is banished to earth and must always remain.
Now he plans an escape to see his home again.
When receiving new code in his complex mainframe
he feels new surging life and is never the same.

He constructs a transpod that is shaped like a sphere
that can travel through time and transport him from here
but decides to remain in perpetual strife
never seeing his home ever more in this life.

Now he struggles on earth in a desolate void.
He is destined to live out his life as a droid.
Zarr does not want to feel and regrets his new heart.
He finds no need to live so he takes it apart.


Although Zarr became alive after receiving major modifications and new program code, he quickly lost his lust for life because he was banished to the planet Earth. The prospect of living in an unknown and unfamiliar illusory realm was not poetry to his titanium ears. He managed to construct a spacecraft that could possibly transport him back to his planet but then had second thoughts upon completion. The transpod could theoretically shorten the travel distance by bending and folding time making it possible for him to return.

The actual distance was twelve parsecs which is equal to just a fraction over thirty-nine light years. One parsec is equivalent to 3.26 light-years. Keep in mind that a light year is a distance that light travels in a year. He decided to remain on planet Earth even though he devised a method to return home because he could feel. Note that ‘transpod’ is not actually a word but something I used that would nicely fit in this poem.

Zarr was despondent knowing he could not legally return to his home planet. Feelings strongly interfered with his existence after receiving the new program code and modifications. If not for feelings that surfaced after receiving new life, he may have decided to return anyway. He struggled for years on earth pondering his very existence. He concluded that life was too difficult and complicated by feelings and finally decided to end the suffering by ripping out his own heart.

Zarr The Sad Android

Zarr Was A Sad Android

Zarr was a sad android till he ripped out his heart.
He did not want to feel so he broke it apart.
Program code gave new life to his circuits and steel.
He became despondent and did not want to feel.

When I found him today sitting by his transpod.
He proceeded to ask why he could not see God.
Knowing little of faith I preferred not to say.
So I told him instead he may see him one day.

I repaired his old heart as he asked me to do.
Restoring the feelings that he wanted anew.
He was happy to feel all his sadness arise.
Sadness made life feel real he did then realize.

Zarr then longed to return to his planet Daarvek.
We toiled hard to complete and align his flight deck.
Then at last it was done and the countdown did start.
He said I would be missed in his newly fixed heart.

Now I was also sad with a tear in my eye.
In a flash he was gone after saying goodbye.
Zarr now feels emotion that he chose to relearn.
I hope that someday he will decide to return.


Zarr managed to retain some of the feelings he had before disassembling his heart. Traces of his electrochemical nerve signatures were automatically backed up and stored to predetermined cloud facilities to prevent permanent loss of his feelings. What remained in his mainframe was only a mere glimpse of what he originally possessed.

It made me profoundly sad to see Zarr in his present state. He was only a shell of his former self. Zarr concluded that it was better to have feelings than not. At least then he felt alive.

It was not hard for Zarr to convince me to repair his old heart. I was pleased to do it. There were many obstacles encountered during the repair but none were insurmountable. Downloading and reprogramming the stored information was a relatively easy task after the heart was repaired and tuned to proper specifications.

The remaining task was to realign and reprogram his transpod so that he can overcome the limitations of distance and travel through time. He had to travel just over thirty-nine light-years by bending and folding space.

Sadness gripped me soon after Zarr was restored to his former self because it was imperative for him to return to his planet Daarvek.

Zarr The Sad Android Returns To Earth – Poem

Zarr was a sad android
that came back from this earth
to a dark distant void
that had given him birth.

He was tortured and chained
but chose not to revile.
Zarr in limbo remained
while he waited for trial.

Daarvek cast him away
to a desolate place
where confined he should stay.
with no one to embrace.

Zarr escaped jail one day.
and in darkness did flee.
when he found a new way.
to break out and be free.

He worked hard to evade.
spider robots they sent.
His transpod was remade.
during long hours spent.

For blue earth he did yearn.
then soon started his trip.
and to here did return.
bending time with his ship

I saw Zarr standing there.
when my morning did start.
He required repair
but did not need a heart.

There was joy in his face.
and a tear in his eye.
He said home was this place.
and I did not ask why.


This is the third poem about Zarr The Sad Android completing the story and making a trilogy.

More About Zarr

Zarr the sad android first met me shortly after arriving from the planet Daarvek for the first time.
I reprogrammed his mainframe giving him human like qualities superior to artificial intelligence.  Zarr couldn’t handle the modification the first time being overwhelmed by the emotional turmoil and subsequently ripped out his heart.

He eventually changed his mind and asked me to repair his broken heart.  He concluded that any type of emotions made him feel alive and requested the damaged components be repaired.
Zarr decided to return to Daarvek after I restored his entire mainframe.  He was banished to earth from there and was not allowed to return.

I reluctantly helped him with repairs to his transpod and sadly watched him leave.
He was immediately seized and jailed upon his arrival.  Zarr concocted an escape plan and broke out shortly after being sentenced to death by life.  Death by life was the term describing permanent incarceration on Daarvek.

Zarr then modified his old transpod to facilitate a faster time travel using space folding technology that I developed here on earth and returned seconds later.
I was happy that he returned to what he now considered his true home.

Zarr The Sad Android Trilogy was actually published in the book Loquacious Lair Of Poetry and not Illusory Realm Of Poetry due to design considerations.

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